iPhone 5S: Smarter than Ever


The “S” moniker lived up to the iPhone standard when it first launched the 3GS. The tradition continues as Apple announced the iPhone 5S which is basically an improved iPhone 5. But what’s there to like? Is it worth the upgrade? Let’s find out.

The iPhone 5 is a great competitor itself but Apple proved once again that it’s not the end for the battle. The iPhone 5S is just a perfectly crafted device leaving you a premium feel without any issues. The physical hardware is not a major update as for the “S” tradition but the software and functionality separate it apart from the previous iPhone. Here are the major updates to the legendary smartphone.


Fingerprint Identity Sensor
Everyone knows how hard it is to type your password every now and then when you have to unlock your device, install an app or make a purchase on iTunes. Now, Apple answered the consumer’s complaint with the introduction of the fingerprint identity sensor known as Touch ID. It’s generally a fingerprint scanner that lets you unlock your device with just putting your finger on the Home Button. It can also be used when you have to purchase from the App Store and iTunes. With this, you know your device is protected. It can handle multiple fingerprints so you can have the people you trust access your device and another cool thing about this is that it can detect your fingerprint in any orientation, be it landscape, portrait or in any degree as long as your fingerprint is registered.


A7 Chip
If you think iPhone processing capabilities can’t get any better, think again. The iPhone 5S is the first smartphone to feature a 64-bit processor which is commonly found on desktops and laptops, incredibly insane! And the fact that it’s on a smartphone, you can expect a flawless experience with the device and the GPU is also improved which will give you 2x more powerful graphics processing for your gaming pleasure, only on the iPhone 5S.


iSight Camera
Instead of focusing on the number of pixels, Apple focused more on the performance rather than the form. It’s still an 8MP auto focus camera but with more functionality to live up to this year’s standard. It features a very decent f/2.2 aperture to gather more light in dark conditions. It includes a bunch of shooting modes including Continuous Burst Mode, True Tone Flash, Auto Image Stabilization, Slow-Motion Video, Live Video Zoom, Panorama Mode and a lot more photo filters. Aside from the improved camera sensor, the LED Flash is also improved giving the iPhone 5S two LEDs, one white and one amber. This will take part in the True Tone Flash mode and it will make the photos appear more realistic than your usual smartphone.


Color Scheme
Tired of having just two options? Now, you can have an additional color option as the iPhone 5S comes in three premium colors, White, Black and Gold, the newest addition. Leaks held them true as the Gold iPhone 5S is really brilliant, amazingly stunning. It adds more premium feel on the regular color options and I guess more people will like this latest color option.


iOS 7
The whole iPhone 5S experience won’t be complete without mentioning the overhauled OS, iOS 7 which for some may seem “childish” but hey, as you go with your iPhone, you’ll change your mind and regret that you’ve said that. It features a whole new experience and functions including Control Center, AirDrop, iRadio, iMovie, iPhoto, a redesigned Notification Area and the most exciting change, the reconstructed UI. It shows the lighter side of the device with all its color choices starting from the icons, the backgrounds and the accents. This should perfectly run on probably the fastest processor to date and give the consumers a very good satisfactory experience.


iPhone 5S Cases
On the site, several beautifully crafted cases are available to add highlights to your iPhone. They come in different colors and to tell you honestly, they all look great on the device. A noticeable color option is the Red edition which is the sixth complementary color.

The iPhone 5S won’t come in an affordable price but with all these specs, would you even care about the price? But for everyone’s comfort, the basic 16GB version starts at $649, $759 for the 32GB variant and $849 for 64GB capacity. Start saving up as the iPhone will become available in the stores this September 20 but here in the Philippines, December is always the target date for new iPhone launching.


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