Game Focus: “Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time”

The battle between the Plants and the Zombies began on May 5, 2009 when PopCap Games released the worldwide favorite tower defense video game “Plants vs. Zombies” for Windows and OS X. After the successful release for both platforms, an iOS version premiered in February 2010 on several devices including iPhones and iPads. Subsequently, Android and Blackberry versions were released to cater more addictive gamers.

The game basically focuses on the plants defending the house and most especially the “brains” from a horde of various types of zombies. Different plants are unique and possess special types of defense attacks to kill all those zombies in several rows of lanes. The sunflower is the source of the “sun” which is used to purchase the plants to help defend the brains from those ugly zombies.


Last August 2012, PopCap teased us when they confirmed that they were working on the second installment of the all-time-favorite game and was set to release on July 18, 2013. Days later, PopCap announced, through their Twitter page, that the release date will be moved and in less than a month, the long wait is over as they officialy released the sequel on August 15, 2013 titled “Plans vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time”.


The sequel is still about defending the brains from the zombies but this time, different islands can be played on Crazy Dave’s Time-Space Taco Map. It includes the first island, Ancient Egypt followed by the Pirate Seas, Wild West and a mysterious one (Far Future) which can be played maybe after finishing up the first three. It also features a new horde of zombies, plants and power-ups like supercharge, finger pinch and flick and zap to fire up the game even more. In just a month of release, the game has been downloaded 25 million times in the App Store proving its success.


The first island in the Taco Map is the Ancient Egypt, which comes unlocked for all users. It really feels like one as it includes a new specie of zombies wearing a pharaoh clothing used in Egypt. Also, the pyramids and the Great Sphinx are present but with a little twist, a face of the zombie is the one found in the famous monument.


The next islands are yet to be discovered as gamers go along with the play. For the mean time, enjoy the battle against these zombies and resist them or else, they’ll eat your “brains”.



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