Google Nexus 5: First image render

When Google officially named the next Android version as Kitkat, which happened to be Key Lime Pie all this time, people began partying together with the rising of the deliciously made Kitkat Android Statue. But what’s more interesting is the man taking photos of the said statue who happens to hold the upcoming Nexus 5, as everyone should think.


(He must be very happy to see that sweet statue or maybe because he’s the first one to hold the rumored Nexus device.)

The Google Nexus lineup started with HTC’s Nexus One followed by the Google Nexus S, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the most recent Google Nexus 4 proudly built by LG. Rumor has it that LG is again the lucky one to build the 5th Generation Nexus device which will still run in Stock Android and the first device to experience the ever sweet Kitkat flavored OS. Also, as for the Nexus tradition, it should get all the latest software updates ahead of other smartphones.

The first renders of the Nexus 5 poped out from the web and got us hyped with all their looks. If they are right, the device is set to pack a very decent 5″ display and almost bezel-less front which is the trend now in most smartphones. Which one for you should it be?



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