Instagram coming to Windows Phone Store (Update: It’s a false hope)


With over 100 million active users, Instagram has been declared as one of the most popular photo and video sharing app. Started as a pure photo-sharing application, it has reached a high profile status in iOS leaving the other platforms behind. Eventually, the app support was added for Android running on version 2.2 (Froyo) in April 2012. Later on, Instagram incorporated video-sharing on June 2013 to battle it out against competitor Twitter’s Vine and with this, the app even grew its number of registered users.


Having said this, all other mobile operating systems, mainly Windows Phone, are strongly getting their hearts out to have Instagram support for them but it seems far from reality, or worse, won’t even come to life. Several months ago, different third party Instagram clients for Windows Phone popped-out including Instagraph, Instance and the latest addition to them is 6tag. 6tag is probably the best Instagram client to date which enables users to upload photos and videos, apply all filters found on iOS and even use the linear and radial blur effect and the best part of this app is that it comes “free”. But shortly after the release, Windows Phone developers have raised their privacy concerns over Rudy Huyn, 6tag developer, regarding the lack of privacy policy which is a major requirement for Windows Phone Store certification.


But just a few days ago, Nokia executive Vice President Chris Weber raises hopes for Windows Phone users by stating the an official Instagram App is coming the way. With this announcement, Nokia has just elevated the mobile industry game since many people are holding their backs on purchasing a WP due to the lack of essential apps including Instagram. And now that it’s nearly on its way, Windows Phone sees a brighter future as this surely boosts smartphone sales to double, or even triple. Windows Phone handsets are known for their brilliant cameras from their low-end products to high-end devices, take note: 41MP Lumia 1020. And with Instagram to arrive, I bet iOS and Android users should think of making the #switch to WP, especially the photo-experts one. For the mean time, just hold your breath until the release of the official instagram App for Windows Phone, coming very soon.

Update: Chris Weber recently stated that The Bangkok Post misreported the coming of the official Instagram app for Windows Phone and so users were probably disgusted again. Until it’s official debut, 6tag is just around the corner to satisfy the hungry stomachs of the photo geeks. 


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